Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack Review

In this Valor Fitness BD-7 power rack review, I'll be evaluating the design, versatility, and value of this flexible cage that comes with a lat pull-down. This power rack is a great option for those who want to pursue strength training and maximize the space occupied by their rack.

The Valor BD-7 power rack is sturdy, reputable, & moderately-priced.  It boasts a higher than average weight capacity & includes a few accessories that normally don't come standard.

The Valor Fitness BD-7 comes equipped with weight storage pegs and a lat attachment that supports both high and low position cable exercises.  You can extend this power cage by adding safety bar extensions, dumbbell holders, short bar holders, bumper plates, lifting chains, or dip handles.  


What I Like...

  • check
    Plenty of adjustability between safeties to suit lifters of any height
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    The multi-position cable system allows for a wide range of exercises
  • check
    Weight storage pegs save valuable real-estate in gyms with limited space

Not so much...

  • Some customers have reported the pulley system is not high quality

Product Features

  • 4 plate storage pegs to organize weights 
  • 17 safety bar positions
  • Solid steel pull-up bar with knurled grips
  • 800 lb safety bar capacity
  • Padded lap bar for lat pull-down exercises
  • Lat pull-down system with both low and high positions
  • 4 adjustable weight bar supports

A sturdy, compact design with key extras

Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack Review

The BD 7 power rack was designed to squeeze as much functionality as possible into a limited workout space.  But the key is that the BD-7 is able to pull this off without sacrificing stability or weight capacity

Customers have reported that this rack is exceptionally stable.  In addition to being sturdy, it's supports a higher than average weight capacity of 800 lb on the safety bars.

Although the pulley system is an awesome standard feature of the BD-7, it can be a limiting factor when it comes to choosing a bench to pair with this cage.  This is because the space occupied by the pulley system can limit maneuverability inside of the rack.

Fitting a bench into the BD-7's limited space

When pairing a bench with the BD-7, be sure to purchase one with legs that do not extend farther than the bench pad itself.  This way you can be sure that the bench will fit comfortably inside the rack without bumping into the row attachment.  The Utility Flat Bench from Marcy (or a similarly designed bench) would be a smart choice in this scenario.

Potential issues with the pulley system hardware

The one knock against the BD-7 is that some customers have reported problems with the lat pull-down attachment.  Specifically, they have mentioned that the cable and pulley hardware are not the highest quality and can become stripped with heavy use.  

Luckily, the pulley system is covered by the manufacturer warranty.  So if you have a problem with the hardware, you always have the option to have it replaced.

Awesome standard features and highly extensible

Pulley System of BD-7 from Valor Fitness

This Valor Fitness BD-7 is an extremely versatile power rack and can almost be considered a standalone gym.  This is because the pulley system offers dual-position pull-down and seated row exercises which can really extend the exercises possible within the rack.

If you prefer an old-school, no weight back routine then you'll enjoy the steel, knurled-grip pull-up bar at the top of the rack.  For pull-down exercises, a padded lap bar is provided to safely and comfortably hold you down when pulling down heavy weight.  

A total of 4 weight storage pegs will help you conserve space in your gym space.  The pull-down system also prevents you from needing a separate machine to perform similar exercises (again potentially saving valuable floor space).

If the standard options of the BD-7 power rack aren't enough for you, consider that it has more add-on accessories than any power rack I've ever reviewed.  I was able to find seven accessories on Amazon and you can purchase even more through the manufacturer's website.

A reputable brand and outstanding product reviews 

Positive Customer Satisfactikon

Valor Fitness is a widely respected brand that's known for its affordability and versatility. Valor manufactures a wide variety of fitness equipment including bars, plates, and racks that are featured in many gyms and even some Cross Fit competitions.

While Valor is sometimes considered a budget brand, customer reviews prove that their products far exceed this generalization.  Most importantly, the BD-7 power cage in particular has outstanding customer reviews that blow away similarly-priced cages.

Browse through a few of their reviews and you'll see that the BD-7 has one of the best power rack ratings on the market.

A favorable price for non-standard features

Valor Fitness Value

The BD-7 is priced comparatively to many standard, stand-alone racks.  Compared to other racks that come with a lat pull-down standard, this cage is a steal.  

If you were to purchase a bare-bones power rack, then expand that rack by purchasing a lat pull-down accessory, then either add weight storage pegs or purchase a weight storage tree, you'd quickly exceed the price of this rack.

For those lifters that are looking for a reputable rack with extras that usually don't come standard, the BD-7 is a smart purchase.

My final thoughts on the BD-7

If you're looking for a power rack with upgraded standard features, but also want to save precious gym real estate, then the BD-7 might be the rack for you.  This power cage borders on being a fully-functional, all-in-one gym.  And for this reason, it's a great option for home workout warriors.

Very few racks come with a lat pull-down system as a standard feature (especially for the price).  Pair that with four weight storage pegs and you've got a cage that can serve as your home gym centerpiece for many years to come.  

Unlike many racks in the same price range, the BD-7 has stellar customer reviews.  Click the button below to check out a few for yourself.

Comparing the Valor BD-7 to similar power racks

In this Valor Fitness BD-7 review, I've outlined how this power rack can help you accomplish a lot in a limited amount of space.  But this rack may not be the best solution for your personal goals or workout space.

Let's compare the BD-7 to a few racks of similar value and/or function and see how its best features stack-up against the competition.

Rep Fitness PR-1000 vs Valor Fitness BD-7

The Rep Fitness PR-1000 is a more affordable alternative to the BD-7 power rack.  But you're going to sacrifice a bit in terms of versatility.

I reviewed the PR-1000 in detail in a separate article.

The PR-1000 does come with a dip station standard.  This is something that can be added to a BD-7, but you'll have to purchase it separately.

What you won't get in the PR-1000 is the 4 total weight storage pegs and the lat-pull down attachment.

If you're looking for a budget power cage and don't need the lat pull-down accessory, the PR-1000 may be a better choice.

2 weight storage pegs

4 weight storage pegs

Lat Pull-down

Lat Pull-down

Dip Station

Dip Station

700 lb Capacity

800 lb Capacity

Valor Fitness BD-33 vs Valor Fitness BD-7

In a battle of the Valor Fitness power racks, the winner boils down to how much you value the lat-pull down option that comes standard with the BD-7.

If you plan to make use of the lat-pull down feature of the BD-7, then it's hard to find a comparable cage for such a good value.  If you don't care much about a lat-pull down accessory, the BD-33 starts to look much more attractive.

The BD-33 is a budget (but reputable) rack that has a multi-grip pull-up bar as well as pegs on which to attach bands.  The BD-33 a great alternative if pulley-based exercises aren't a part of your workout routine.



Lat Pull Down

Lat Pull-Down

Multi-Grip Chin-Up Bar

Multi-Grip Chin-Up 

Band Pegs

Band Pegs

Titan T-3 Power Rack vs Valor Fitness BD-7

Titan Fitness is a highly-reputable brand that builds extraordinarily stable power racks.  The T-3 is a very comparable cage to the BD-7.

These racks are very similarly priced and each has 4 weight storage pegs to organize your weights.  The difference between these two racks comes down to stability versus versatility.    

Again, the big advantage the BD-7 has in this comparison is the lat-pull down attachment.  The T-3 rack has the advantage when it comes to stability, as it boasts a 3"x2" steel frame versus the 2"x2" frame of the BD-7.

Personally, I think you can't go wrong with either rack.  The T-3 has stellar reviews as does the BD-7.



4 Weight Storage Pegs

4 Weight Storage Pegs

Lat Pull-Down

Lat Pull-Down

Band Pegs

Band Pegs

2"x3" Steel Tubes

2"x2" Steel Tubes

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