Titan T2 Power Rack Review

In this Titan T2 power rack review, I evaluate the best and worst features of this simple, yet sturdy cage.  

The T2 doesn't come with many accessories out of the box. Instead, Titan chose to deliver a highly stable rack that focuses on ensuring you can lift heavy (and safely) when working out alone.

If you're looking for a basic but highly reputable power cage for your home or gym, then please read on.

The Titan T2 comes with safety bars, J-cups, and weight storage pegs standard.  You can extend this cage by adding additional J-cups, weight storage pegs, or an X Dip Bar attachment.


What I Like...

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    Incredibly sturdy design for the price
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    Great basic cage on which expand
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    Fantastic customer reviews on Amazon
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    Weight pegs save space in a home gym
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    Safety hole spacing can increase range
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    Free shipping

Not so much...

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    Some customer have reported the pull-up bar knurling is less than adequate

Titan T-2 key product features

  • 1.25 inch diameter pull-up bar
  • 700 lb capacity
  • 83 inch total height
  • 28 total safety pin positions
  • 1 pair of J-hooks for storing bar
  • 2"x2" steel tube construction
  • 2 vertical weight storage pegs
  • 1 pair of chrome safety bars

Simple yet stable rack design

T-2 Power Cage Design

The Titan T2 power rack is a sturdy unit that comes with the standard features you'd expect in a home-based cage: J-hooks and safety bars.  The 2" x 2" steel uprights make this rack incredibly stable and support a 700 lb weight capacity. 

Make no mistake about it, the focus of the T-2 power rack is stability and reliability.  Titan Fitness has built its reputation on ensuring the safety of their customers so you won't see many bells and whistles on their cages.

One subtle, but intelligent design characteristic of the Titan T2 is the placement of the pull-up bar.  Unlike most power racks, the pull-up bar on this unit is situated a full 3 in below the top of the frame

This placement allows the T-2 to fit more comfortably under low ceilings, as you'll have extra clearance above the rack to perform pull-ups without hitting your head on the roof.  

Limited versatility outside of standard features

Titan T-2 Weight Storage Pegs

Outside of the conventional power rack features, the T-2 includes two vertical storage pins for organizing your weights.  In addition to saving you some real-estate, these pegs can also save you a few bucks as you may not have to purchase a separate weight storage tree.  

If you do plan on keeping your larger weight plates on these storage pegs, be aware that you may need a little extra clearance around the back of the unit.  This is because 45lb plates will extend a bit beyond the edge of the cage.

If you really want to make the most of this rack's real-estate, adding dip handles or a dip station would be a good idea.  They aren't available on Amazon but can be purchased on the manufacturer's website.  

T-2 Dip Attachments

Building a reputation for safety and quality

Titan T2 Power Rack Review

Titan Fitness has built a solid reputation for itself in the relatively short time it has been selling fitness equipment. They are primarily known as a company that sells safe, high-quality weightlifting equipment at a fair and affordable price. 

Titan has positioned itself as an industry player by using an efficient supply and manufacturing processes to reduce costs.  This allows them to pass savings on to the customer while still producing quality products.

Many gyms are beginning to adopt Titan equipment. Their reputation as a high quality, yet affordable brand for gym equipment is continuing to grow. 

Good value - even for a basic cage

Titan is a brand with a reputation for value. For a similarly featured power rack from higher-end brands, you could quickly end up paying twice as much as you would for the Titan T2. 

Sure, the T-2 may not come with many bells and whistles out of the box.  But the truth is, when you buy a Titan Fitness power rack, you're paying for build quality.  

You can always purchase accessories for the T2 cage as you expand your gym.  It is much more expensive to go back and upgrade an unstable rack (for which you've invested heavily in accessories) than it is to start with a solid, stable cage then purchase accessories as needed.  

Summarizing my T-2 power rack review

If you're looking for a stable power rack that is both affordable and durable, the T2 power rack is a great option.  Titan offers some of the best products in the home gym market.  

The T-2 is an excellent option for those looking for a basic power cage that will never suffer from shoddy construction.

But don't take my word for it. Check out the stellar customer reviews on Amazon to see what other T2 customers have to say about this rack.

Comparing the Titan T2 to similar racks

In this Titan T2 power rack review, I've shown why this rack can be a great option if you're looking for a sturdy, basic cage on which to expand.  But this may not be the case for everyone.

Maybe you're looking for a power cage with more accessories out of the box.  Or perhaps you need a rack that is a cheaper option than the T-2.

Let's compare the Titan T2 against other cages of similar price or function to see if those cages might be a better fit for your specific needs.

Rep Fitness PR-1000 Base Rack vs Titan T2 Cage

I chose to compare the Rep Fitness PR-1000 base rack against the T2 because they are so similar.  I wrote a full Rep Fitness power cage review if you want an in-depth break-down of that cage.

As you can see in the comparison table, these racks are identical when it comes to capacity. They both also include two weight storage pegs.

Even when it comes to affordability, these racks are very similar, but the Titan T-2 has a small edge.  However, if you're looking for a rack with a durable, long-lasting, powder coat finish, then the PR-1000 might be your best option.

2 weight storage pegs

2 weight storage pegs

700 lb capacity

700 lb capacity



Powder coating

Powder coating

Valor Fitness BD-33 vs Titan T2 Rack

This is a valuable comparison if you're considering purchasing a power rack with lots of accessories standard.  The Valor Fitness BD-33 fits that bill nicely with plenty of cool features out of the box.

Compared to the T-2 from Titan, the BD-33 has the advantage when it comes to secondary features.  It has adjustable band pegs, more weight storage pegs, and more bar holders.  It even has a slighter higher weight capacity than the Titan T2.

But you'll have to decide if these additional features are worth the extra cost, as the Titan T2 edges out the BD-33 in affordability.

The Titan T2 is definitely extensible, but it does not manufacture band pegs.  Additional weight storage pegs and J-cups are available through Titan's website.

800 lb capacity

700 lb capacity



4 weight storage pegs

2 weight storage pegs

Adjustable band pegs

No band pegs available

4 bar supports

2 bar supports

TDS Power Rack vs Titan T2 Cage

The Titan T2 is a highly-reputable power rack.  But I must admit, I was a bit shocked when I performed this comparison against the TDS rack from New York Barbell.

Both of these racks have great reviews on Amazon (check out the TDS reviews).  But when you stack them up against one another, it's hard not to make an argument for the TDS rack.

TDS seems to have an edge in just about every meaningful category. It is more affordable, has a higher capacity, and you can't argue with a limited lifetime warranty.

Titan definitely seems to have more customers than TDS, but the TDS customers who have reviewed their power rack have been easily won over.



1000 lb capacity

700 lb capacity

2 weight storage pegs

2 weight storage pegs

Limited lifetime warranty

Limited 1 year warranty

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