Rep Fitness Power Rack Review

If you're thinking of buying a Rep Fitness power rack, you're in the right place.  This Rep Fitness rack, dip station, and bench package is a popular and highly reputable item on Amazon. 

But is this cage set a suitable solution for your workout space and goals?  This review will help you answer that question.

In this Rep Fitness Power Rack review, I’ll touch on the great (and not-so-great) features of the PR-1000 rack package.  In closing, I'll compare the key features of the PR-1000 to cages of similar form and function.


Where the PR1000 rack shines

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    A reliable rack with both stability and durability
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    Several rack configurations are available to fit your specific needs
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    Weight storage pegs maximize space
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    Two pull-up bars of varying diameter help build grip strength
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    Free shipping

Features where PR1000 is lacking

  • Lat pull-down attachment sold separately

Reviewing the Rep Fitness PR-1000 Rack

The Rep Fitness PR-1000 power rack is a solid cage without many frills. Although it doesn't have all the bells & whistles of more expensive power racks, it delivers on what matters most: safety and stability.

Key Features of the PR-1000 Cage

  • At 83 inches tall, fits under standard ceilings
  • 700 pound capacity
  • A black matte protective coating
  • Extended safeties for extra bar storage
  • Plastic-coated J-cups preserve bar knurling
  • Numbered bar holes for easy bar alignment
  • Weight storage pegs
  • Dual pull-up bars

Configurations, Add-Ons, & Pairings

This Rep Fitness Power Rack review focuses specifically on the rack, dip station, and adjustable bench package.  However, if you prefer a different set of options, these configurations are also available:

Adjustable Bench Only

Flat Bench & Dip Station

Flat Bench Only

Dip Station Only

The PR-1000 is also (sometimes) available as a stand-alone rack.  But be forewarned that it is frequently out of stock.

If you like this rack but your ceiling height concerns you, the Rep Fitness short rack (PR-1050) might be worth a look. I review it in detail below.  I would also check out my review of the best short power racks for more examples of cages for low ceilings.

Finding accessories for the PR-1000

If you buy a PR-1000 rack combo that doesn't include dip bars, you can always add them at a later time

If you're looking to make the most of your workout space, you can also add a full lat pull-down and row attachment.

Pair the PR-1000 rack with a gladiator bar

The one crucial piece of equipment you won't get with this power rack package is a weightlifting bar.  There is a Rep Fitness power bar that is available on the company website, but I recommend the Gladiator Bar, available at Amazon.  

It's rated for the same weight and has fantastic customer reviews.

Cage Design Makes this Rack Very Stable

The Rep Fitness power rack is an exceptionally stable power rack.  This is especially true when you  consider that it weighs considerably less than many other cages of comparable size.

With a capacity of 700 lbs, it can easily handle heavier loads. Powerlifters who regularly lift over 500 lbs have reported the cage has consistently stood strong.

Rep Fitness Power Rack Stabilization Bar

Stabilization bar makes this rack exceptionally rigid

An extra stabilization bar around the back of the unit helps to keep the cage from moving during usage.

While stabilization bars can significantly increase the capacity of racks, the downside is that you can sometimes trip over this bar as you move in and out of the rack.

However, I believe a stabilization bar is worth the hassle as it adds so much stability to a rack. Eventually, you'll learn to avoid it.

The black powder coating is a nice touch and adds durability of this rack.  It will help your rack retain its finish and stand-up to regular abuse.

Pull-up and Safety Bars Add Versatility

Rep Fitness Power Rack Features

The PR-1000 has two pull-up bars of varying diameter. The thicker of the two (the 2-inch bar) provides a challenge but can help build grip strength and endurance.

The safety bars on this rack double as bar holders, providing extra storage for an additional bar.  Safety bars also free-up your J-Cups for racking an extra bar during lifting if desired.

Rep Fitness recently upgraded the J-Cups that come standard with this rack to a stronger, plastic-lined design.  The new design is a significant upgrade and helps to protect the knurl and finish of your bar.

Outstanding Reviews and Brand Reputation

Rep Fitness Power Rack Review

The customer reviews for this rack are impressive. If you read through some of those reviews on Amazon, you'll see that Rep Fitness pays attention to their customers' needs.  

Serving your customers' needs goes a long way, especially when you  consider that a power cage is usually the biggest monetary investment you'll make in your home gym. 

In addition to selling power racks, Rep Fitness sells power bars (weightlifting bars), squat racks, squat stands, free weights, and much more.

Good Value for the Price

The PR1000 from Rep Fitness is a budget-friendly rack that has more than enough strength and capacity to handle the workload of most lifters. Because this rack package bundles the adjustable bench and dip station, you’ll save more money than if you bought them separately.

You might be able to find another cage for a few dollars less, but you'd be hard-pressed to find one with the same level of stability or customer support you’ll get from Rep Fitness.

My Overall Impression of the Rep Fitness Power Rack

Rep Fitness Power Cage Dimensions

In this Rep Fitness Power Rack review, I broke down the best and worse features of this base cage.  The PR1000 power rack could be an excellent centerpiece for your home gym because of its stability and durability

It's short enough to fit under most ceilings, and its footprint doesn’t take up an enormous amount of space.  If the PR-1000 is still a bit too big, you can check out these smaller power racks that have similar features but tiny footprints.

This rack is strong enough to handle most workloads.  The stabilization bar can take some time to get accustomed to but is a valuable design component.  

A powder-coated finish will ensure this cage looks sharp for years to come.  The six different rack configurations make it easy to find a package that will work given your existing equipment, workout space, and personal fitness goals.

Comparable Alternatives to the Rep Power Rack

The Rep Fitness power rack is a solid cage, but it might not be the ideal rack for your home gym.  For instance, we've shown in this review that the PR1000 does not come with lat pull-down.  If that's a deal-breaker, other power cages on the market that could fill that need.

Let's compare the Rep Fitness PR1000 against racks with similar function or price-point to determine if one of these other racks may be a better fit.

Rep Fitness PR-1050 (Short) vs PR-1000 (Standard) Power Rack

The Rep Fitness PR-1050 short rack has almost identical specifications as the standard-sized PR1000 rack in this review. The one big difference is that the PR-1050 is a full foot shorter.

In cases where you're building a gym in a cellar or a room with abnormally low ceilings, the PR-1050 is a great alternative.  This short power rack is also available in several configurations that include benches and a dip station.

Like the standard rack, the Rep short power rack has favorable feedback on Amazon, so you can be sure you're getting a quality rack with plenty of happy customers.

700 lb capacity

700 lb capacity

Weight Storage  Pegs

Weight Storage  Pegs

Fits Under Short Ceilings

Fits Under Most Ceilings

Valor Fitness BD-7 vs Rep Fitness PR-1000 Power Rack

The BD-7 power rack from Valor Fitness is slightly less affordable than the Rep power rack, but overall it's a more versatile cage.  You can read my complete BD-7 power rack review here.

The Valor Fitness rack sports a total of four weight storage pegs versus the two storage pegs on the Rep Fitness cage.

The BD-7 rack has only one pull-up bar, compared to two on the PR-1000, but it does come with a lat pull-down attachment.  But keep in mind that the PR-1000 does come with a dip station.  Valor Fitness has a minor edge in capacity, supporting an additional 100 lb.

I'm a big fan of the BD-7 and feel it's one of the best racks you can find for the money.  It makes a suitable power rack for home use as well because of its affordable price and space-saving features.

4 Weight Storage Pegs

2 Weight Storage Pegs

Lat Pull-down 

Lat Pull-down

Dip Station

Dip Station 

800 lb Capacity

700 lb Capacity

Titan T-2 vs Rep Fitness PR-1000 Power Rack

I love comparing Rep Fitness vs Titan Fitness because they're such great brands.  I recently wrote a Titan T2 Power Rack Review that you may want to read.

The Titan T-2 power rack is very comparable to the Rep Fitness cage in both functionality and cost.  They are both rated at 700 lb capacity, come with two J-cups, and provide pegs for weight storage.

The T-2 only has one pull-up bar versus the two in the Rep power rack.  The Rep Fitness can also boast that its safety bars double as bar supports.

Both cages support dip handles, but neither of these racks comes with dip handles standard.  You'll have to buy them separately.

700 lb Capacity

700 lb Capacity

Weight Storage Pegs

Weight Storage Pegs

One 1.25" Pull-Up Bar

1.25" & 2" Pull-Up Bars

Fitness Reality 810XLT vs Rep Fitness PR-1000 Rack

The Fitness Reality 810XLT power rack is comparable to the Rep Fitness PR-1000 when it comes to price and value, although the 810XLT does have a very slight edge.

I believe the 810XLT from Fitness Reality is one of the best budget power racks on the market. 

The primary difference between these two racks is their capacity, pull-up bar configuration, and weight storage capability.

The 810XLT can support 100 lb more than the Rep Fitness rack, but that slight difference won't be a deal-breaker for most lifters.  The Rep Fitness rack has pegs for storing weights while the 810XLT does not.  

When it comes to the pull-up bars, the best rack will boil down to your personal preference and typical pull-up routine.



800 lb Capacity

700 lb Capacity

Weight Storage Pegs

Weight Storage Pegs

Overhead multi-grip pull-up bars

Two pull-up bars of varying diameter

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