Powertec Power Rack Review

In this Powertec Power Rack review I'll evaluate the design, usability, and value of this cage.  I'll also compare this product against other power racks of similar size, cost, and function.  

This rack is a step above your standard power rack cages as it provides a few unique features and extras. If you appreciate the small details that make training more enjoyable, the Powertec Power Rack is worth a look. 

In addition to the yellow rack you see shown above, the Powertec Power Rack is also available with a black finish.  It can also be extended to support a lat tower and is frequently paired with the Powertec utility bench.


What I Like...

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    Safety provided by the Gravity Lock system makes lifting along much less stressful
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    Unlike comparable models, this rack ships with dip station handles at no additional cost
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    You can quickly adjust the height of the safety bars, making it simple to switch exercises
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    Can be extended to include a multitude of add-on products, saving you valuable space in a home gym

Not so much...

  • Priced at a premium compared to bare-bones racks

Useful features worth noting

  • Gravity Lock system for added safety
  • Multi-grip pull-up bar 
  • Dip handles come standard 
  • Numbered safety adjustment holes
  • 1000 pound capacity
  • Matted paint finish for durability

Innovative and durable design

Powertec Gravity Lock System

Gravity Lock system adds an element of safety

The Powertec Power Rack is a solid cage that is built to take a beating. This rack can handle a 1000 pound load, so as long as you're not an Olympic powerlifter it can handle anything you throw at it. Customer have reported that the cage construction is extremely sturdy even under heavy loads.

Powertec also incorporates a nifty safety feature called Gravity Lock.  If you dump your weight on the safety bar, while it is not completely engaged, the bars will automatically catch on the adjacent safety hole.  This can be a life-saver if you're lifting alone and need additional backup.

The pull-up and spotter arms are coated with tough rubber for a solid grip and less noise during racking.  Finally, this latest rack model from Powertec has an improved powder coast matted finish which looks great and will protect your cage against wear and ear.

A cage built with extensibility in mind

Powertec with add-ons

Most people trying to build a home gym are looking for a power rack with lots of features and add-ons.  This is because space can be hard to come by when converting a room in your house into a workout space.  The more exercises you can fit into a power rack's footprint, the better!  

It is here that the Powertec Fitness Work Bench really shines.

Unlike most other power racks on the bottom, this rack comes with dip handles standard. You can use the handles to perform dips on the inside or outside of the unit.

But dip handles are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to add-ons for this power cage.

A multitude of available add-ons

Powertec's latest power rack is a highly extensible cage.  You can add quite a few attachments and matching accessories to this rack.  Here are some attachments you can purchase separately to add functionality to your rack, all from Amazon or Powertec's official site:

This rack also includes numbered holes which makes it fast and easy to adjust the safety bars when switching between exercises.

A solid brand as their feedback suggests

Positive Reputation

Powertec has been around since 1977, producing high-quality, competitively-priced strength equipment for both home and light commercial use. As such, they are no stranger to the fitness market.

If you check out the customer feedback on Powertec products on Amazon, you’ll see that customer opinions are generally quite favorable.

Another thing I like about the Powertec brand is that they offer a Lifetime Warranty on the structural frame of their cages.  So you can rest easy when you purchase this rack, knowing that you’ll own quality cage that will last for many year to come.

Value is realized when the rack is maximized

It's true.  Powertec didn't produce the cheapest power rack on the market.  If you compare this rack against other basic racks for home use, you'll undoubtedly notice that this rack is priced at a premium.

So why would it make sense to invest in the Powertec WorkBench rack for your home gym when there are more affordable racks on the market?  Consider these factors:

  • 1
    The Powertec power rack comes with dip handles at no additional cost, something you rarely see in other power racks on the market
  • 2
    This cage has a lifetime warranty.  This is rare among rack manufacturers that sell on Amazon.  I almost never see this.
  • 3
    The number of add-ons available (and thus the number of exercises you can perform) for this cage make it very attractive if you are looking to maximize limited space.
  • 4
    The Gravity Lock system adds an additional layer of safety if you lift alone (after all, a power rack only has value if you're alive!)

Add-ons help to maximize floor space 

But I believe the true value of this rack is realized when you start to add accessories.  

It's an awesome bonus that this cage comes with dip handles as a standard feature.  But if you're strapped for space in a home gym, things like the lat pull-down tower, weight horn attachment, and resistance pegs can make this rack well worth price when you're looking to maximize floor space.

My overall impression of this power rack

If you are looking for a versatile power rack with the potential to support a full body workout, the Powertec Work Bench power rack may be for you.  This rack is priced a bit higher than most bare-bones cage, but the added safety, versatility, and peace of mind (that comes with a lifetime warranty) that you'll gain can make this rack a great centerpiece for your home gym.

Comparing the Powertec Power Rack to similar cages

As we've discussed in this Powertec power rack review, this cage is a sturdy and versatile unit.  But it won't be a perfect solution for every home gym.  

So here are a few comparable racks that are similar to Powertec but may vary when it comes to price, value, form, function, or some other factor.  When comparing rack features, I tried to note which rack comes out on top.

Fitness Reality X-Class vs Powertec Power Rack

The Powertec Power Rack is sturdy, but the X-Class rack from Fitness Reality takes the cake when it comes to capacity. To be fair, the X-Class cage is graded for light commercial use, but for the price you wouldn't know it.

An additional stability bar around the back of the X-Class cage adds more rigidity to the cage, making the rack move less when pushed to the limits.

The X-Class also comes with two additional safety arms for racking a bar when the safeties are in use, something the Powertec is lacking.

These racks are very similarly priced, but the Fitness Reality cage does barely have the edge.

Powertec does offer a much longer frame warranty, lifetime versus the 10 year warranty offered by Fitness Reality.

1500 lb Capacity

1000 lb Capacity

Safety Arms Included

Safety Arms Not Included



10 Year Frame Warranty

Lifetime Frame Warranty

Body Solid Pro vs Powertec Power Rack

Both the Body Solid Pro and the Powertec racks support high capacity lifting.  In addition, they are both priced at the premium level (but still very very comparable).

Body Solid supports a high capacity at 800 lb, but not enough to top Powertec's 1000 lb maximum.

When it comes to hole-spacing specs the Powertec rack has the edge, sporting more holes that are closer together.  This increases your chances of having the bar at just the right height during bench press and other exercises.

The Body Solid rack does have the edge in one area, pricing (but not by a huge margin). If you want to perform dips on your rack, that'll cost you extra with the Body Solid cage.  

800 lb Capacity

1000 lb Capacity



3" Hole Spacing

1.5" Hole Spacing

Dip Attachment Sold Separately

Dip Attachment Standard

Impex Marcy Pro vs Powertec Power Cage

The Impex Marcy Pro and Powertec power racks are very close when it comes to the number of accessories and exercises that they support.  However, they differ quite considerably when it comes to capacity, price, and standard features.

While the Powertec power rack is priced at a premium, it also supports a capacity that is more than twice what is offered by Marcy Pro.  If you lift any significant amount of weight, the Mary Pro cage might not be a viable option for you.

Finally, it's worth nothing that while the Marcy Pro cage doesn't support a high weight capacity, it does support more features and exercises out-of-the-box.  

300 lb Capacity

1000 lb Capacity



Many standard features

Only dip bars come standard

XMark Fitness vs Powertec Power Cage

The XM-7620 Power Cage from XMark is very similar to the Powertec rack in terms of form and function.  It has safety bar supports that slide up and down the rack uprights for easier maneuvering, similar to how the Safety Lock System works on the Powertec cage.

The XMark rack only supports up to 800 lbs, so it's a bit lower than the Powertec cage's capacity.  However, it does come with more J-cups standard (four as opposed to two for the Powertec cage).

Powertec also has an edge when it comes to hole-spacing (1.5" vs 2" for the XMark cage).

800 lb Capacity

1000 lb Capacity

4 J-Cups

2 J-Cups

2" Hole Spacing

1.5" Hole Spacing

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