Body Solid Pro Power Rack Review

In this Body Solid Power Rack review, I will analyze cage design, pros and cons, key features, and comparison the GPR378 rack to other racks of similar price, form, or function. 

This exceptionally stable power cage is produced by a reputable brand, has a proven track record of customer satisfaction, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty

The Body Solid GPR378 comes as a standard, stand-alone power rack with two heat-tempered lift-offs.  However, you can expand this rack to include a dip bar station, lat attachment (with weight stack), calf block platform, T-bar row platform, and extra bar lift-offs.


What I Like...

  • check
    Exceptionally sturdy cage with little to no movement under very heavy loads
  • check
    Unique, optional dip attachment is centered inside the rack
  • check
    Powder-coat finish resists dings and scratches to preserve look

Not so much...

  • Lift-off bars aren't padded and could damage a bar

Key Features of the Body Solid Power Rack

  • 2 adjustable lift-offs
  • Safety catch mechanism
  • Powder coat finish
  • 20 safety bar positions, 3 inches apart
  • 800 lb capacity
  • Extensible to include many accessories

The Body Solid Pro GPR378 in action

An extraordinarily sturdy rack with small footprint

Squatting in Body Solid 378 Power Rack

When you purchase a power rack from Body Solid, you're paying for an exceptionally sturdy cage design.  This cage has a reputation for minimal movement, even when put under very heavy loads.

If you're a serious weightlifter and cannot tolerate the slight shifting and swaying that comes with most moderately prices cages, the Body Solid GPR378 could be a good option for you.

If you're looking for a rack for home use, you'll also like the fact that this rack has an very small footprint.  The total floor space occupied by this rack is 15.65 sq ft.

If that's still too big for your gym space, check out some other racks with small footprints.

Basic cage with expansion room & a unique dip bar

Dips inside the Body Solid Pro GPR38 Review

This isn't the most versatile rack if purchased as-is.  As previously mentioned, this is a bare-bones rack that only comes with adjustable lift-offs standard.  

You can however expand this rack to include several accessories including a lat pull-down, a calf squat block, a T-bar row platform, and more.    

The GP378 also has one of the most unique dip station attachments that I've come across.  Unlike typical dip attachments, this one actually goes inside the cage and attaches on both sides to distribute your weight.  

This dip station design eliminates swaying that you typically get when using dip bars that attach to only one side of a cage.  The dip attachment also has tempered handles to ensure proper hand positions for weightlifters of any stature.

A safety-first company with an unbeatable warranty

Positive Reputation

Body Solid is known for creating safe, durable, yet comfortable strength training equipment.  As their website states, their number one goal as a company is customer safety.  Their reputation for building sturdy and stable racks speaks largely to this ideal.

For the GPR378 power rack in particular, you'll be happy to know that Body Solid backs-up this cage with a lifetime warranty.  The only requirement is that you limit the rack to home use. 

Body Solid Lifetime In-House Warranty

When it comes to customer satisfaction, the Body Solid Pro has a proven track record.  Just take a quick look at the customer reviews of this cage and you'll see that it's a solid rack without many flaws.

A bit pricey for a casual home weightlifter

Compared to other bare-bones power racks, the GPR378 from Body Solid is priced at a premium.  If you're looking to build a home gym on a budget, you can definitely find cheaper power racks.

Although this rack is more expensive than many comparable cages, its stability and high weight capacity can make it worth the extra investment.  This is especially true if you routinely lift more than 400-500 lb and don't want to deal with the movement that is typical with lower-capacity power racks targeted for home use.

Who would benefit the most from the Body Solid GPR378?

As you might have gathered from this Body Solid power rack review, the GPR378 is best suited for experienced amateurs or low-level professional weightlifters.  For the majority of us who will never lift more than 350-400 lb, this rack is likely overkill.

However, if you lift heavy, don't want to deal with any rack movement, and don't mind paying a few extra bucks for a super high-quality rack, the GR378 might be right up your alley.

How the Body Solid PRO GPR378 stacks up against the competition

The GPR378 is a solid power rack, especially if you're a powerlifter planning push the load capacity.  But what if you're looking for a cheaper rack, or one with more accessories out of the box?

Let's compare a few similar cages to the Body Solid GPR378 to see if they might be a better fit for you and your fitness goals.

Impex Marcy Pro vs Body Solid Pro GPR378

Although they have a similar price point, the Impex Marcy Pro and Body Solid Pro couldn't be farther apart when it comes to function.  

The Marcy Pro rack is a high versatility, low capacity rack that comes with many accessories standard.  Conversely, the Body Solid GPR378 is a bare-bones, high-capacity rack targeted to seasoned weightlifters.

If you plan on using your cage primarily as a safety mechanism when lifting heavy weight, the Body Solid Pro is the clear winner.  

If you're a casual lifter who values variety and lifts light, the Marcy Pro could be a more sensible option.



300 lb Capacity

800 lb Capacity

Dip Attachment Standard

Dip Attachment Standard

Band Pegs

Band pegs

Fitness Reality X-Class vs Body Solid Pro GPR378

This is a great rack comparison because both of these power cages are commercial-grade quality and priced almost identically.  But as the comparison table indicates, the Fitness Reality X-Class has a few distinct advantages.

The one big benefit you get from the Body Solid cage is its compact size.  The GPR378 occupies roughly half the floor space of the X-Class, which could be a plus in home gyms with limited space.  The GPR378 is also a full four inches shorter than the X-Class.

But if space isn't an issue for you, the Fitness Reality X-Class is the clear winner.  It has almost double the capacity of the Body Solid Pro and comes with both a dip station and extra safety bars, neither of which you'll get on the GPR38.

1500 lb Capacity

800 lb Capacity

Dip Station Standard

Dip Station Standard

Above avg 25.8 sq ft footprint

Small 15.7 sq ft footprint

Extra Safety Bars Standard

Extra Safety Bars Standard

Powertec Work Bench vs Body Solid GPR378 Rack

Again these two power racks are very similar.  I've reviewed the Powertec power rack in detail and think it's a great product, especially if you see yourself purchasing a bunch of accessories in the future.

The Body Solid Pro is slightly more affordable than the Powertec Work Bench, but if you're willing to spend a few extra bucks on Powertec you'll get couple upgrades.  Specifically, the Powertec comes with dip handles standard and has a slightly higher capacity than the Body Solid Pro.

Body of these racks have small footprints, but the GPR378 takes up a bit less space.



1000 lb Capacity

800 lb Capacity

Dip Handles Standard

Dip Handles Standard

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